Blake-Jones (The Pocket) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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Blake-Jones (The Pocket) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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Blake-Jones (The Pocket) Neighbourhood Guide

Welcome to Blake-Jones (The Pocket):

Located in the East End Danforth community, this close-knit corner of Toronto is filled with tree-lined streets, century homes and young couples looking for a place to establish themselves and raise a family. Though it’s not far from some of the city’s pricier neighbourhoods, Blake-Jones (nicknamed the Pocket) is still an accessible entry point into the housing market, for those looking to get as close as possible to the city, while staying within an affordable price range.


Being just steps away from prime Toronto neighbourhoods means you’ll get the proximity to the most desirable areas without the hefty price tag. The Pocket is known for its quaint, tree-lined streets.

What you'll fall in love with:

In Blake-Jones, there’s never a shortage of things to do—or amazing food to indulge in. Danforth Avenue (a.k.a. the Danforth) is most noted for its high concentration of authentic Greek restaurants and also plays host to the very popular, annual Taste of the Danforth. But the area has an eclectic mix of other restaurants, bars and cafés, too, so there’s always something new and different to try.

Two main parks are nearby for family-friendly fun: Withrow Park is easily walkable from the Pocket, while massive Riverdale Park is about 20 minutes away on foot. During the winter, tobogganing is a popular pastime in Riverdale Park, while the summer draws locals to the outdoor pools to cool off. Both Riverdale and Withrow Park also boast tennis courts, a hockey rink and a baseball diamond.


Blake-Jones stretches from Pape Avenue in the west to Greenwood Avenue in the east, and is nestled between Danforth Avenue on the north and the CN rail line on the south.

The tree-lined streets are primarily filled with Victorian and Edwardian-style homes constructed in the 1800s. Although housing prices have significantly increased over the years, this neighbourhood still remains within reach of many new homebuyers and those looking to get closer to the downtown core. Home owners know the value of their investment in this neighbourhood. Many have taken on the commitment to renovate their older homes, making it clear that they are planning on staying in the area for a long time to come.


Last year, the average house price was approximately $948,000; the average condo was $630,000, but remember to take into account any renovations you’ve got planned to turn your house into your home, and grow into it for years to come.

House Style:

Blake-Jones remains a more accessible neighbourhood for those venturing into the housing market. Many homes are Victorian and Edwardian- style houses first built in the 1800s.

The commute:

Just a hop away from the subway, Blake-Jones is easily connected to any area of the city. With the main arterial roadways of the Don Valley Parkway and the Danforth bordering the area, travel by car is easy—though expect traffic if heading downtown during rush hour. If getting into the heart of the city at the busiest times is a must, the subway is the best option.
– The Lakeshore: 20 minutes by car
– Union Station: 35 minutes by subway, 20 minutes by car, 25 minutes by bike
– Yonge and Bloor: 20 minutes by subway, car or bike

The lifestyle:

Expect a quaint, neighbourly vibe. Entering the Pocket, you’re instantly immersed into this welcoming corner of the city, where residents plant their roots and never want to dig them up and leave. There is a true sense of community here, reinforced by regular festivities and social gatherings, including a kid-friendly street party each September: the annual Pocket Party in Phin Park, organized by the Pocket Community Association.

Local Schools:

There are three local elementary schools in the Blake-Jones area: Blake Street Junior Public School, Earl Grey Senior Public School and Pape Avenue Junior Public School. The Fraser Institute has given Pape Avenue Junior Public School a near perfect rating, and ranks it in the top 50 of the 2,900 schools in the same category. The local high school is Riverdale Collegiate Institute, which is ranked above average by the Fraser Institute.

The city’s post-secondary options are all within easy commuting distance as well, with the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and George Brown College all accessible by subway.


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