Moore Park (Bennington Heights) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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Moore Park (Bennington Heights) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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Moore Park (Bennington Heights) Neighbourhood Guide

Welcome to Moore Park (Bennington Heights):

Situated between Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Rosedale, Moore Park is an exclusive neighborhood with a long history. The neighbourhood’s boundaries are formed by natural barriers and manmade features. To the south, you will find the Canadian Pacific Railway line. To the east, you have the Don River. To the north, you will encounter Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It’s a well-established area that has been settled since the late 19th century. For those seeking an established neighbourhood, Moore Park is a good choice.


As its proximity to Rosedale might suggest, Moore Park is one of Toronto’s highest income neighborhoods. The average household income in the area is over $150,000, notably above the city’s average. Further, 90% of the area’s adult population holds a postsecondary diploma or degree, well above the city’s average educational attainment. The area is almost exclusively English speaking. Over 71% of the area’s residents were born in Canada compared to 49% for Toronto as a whole. This is largely due to the fact that the area was settled and developed prior to World War Two.


Moore Park is defined by several green spaces. Moorvale Park is the area’s main public space. It is a destination for sports enthusiasts as it is home to the Moore Park Bowling Club and the Moore Park Tennis Club. In addition, Moorevale Park has a baseball diamond and a wading pool open to the public. Measuring just under 4 acres, there is plenty of space to enjoy the park all year round including plenty of shaded areas in the summer. For those seeking a different nature experience, the Moore Park Ravine is close at hand. There are also pathways following the nearby Don River. Go into one of these nature areas and you will quickly forget that you live in the heart of Canada’s largest city. To the north of the neighborhood, you will find Mount Pleasant Cemetery, an area known for tranquility for those who need an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


To buy property in Moore Park, you will need to be prepared to spend over a million dollars. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, average selling prices in the area are nearing $2 million. The area’s property is mainly made up of single family homes – condo options are relatively unknown in the area. If you find a house you like in the area, send your offer quickly. Real estate in Moore Park usually sells faster than the Toronto average and relatively few houses have been offered for sale in 2017. Over time, more properties may become available as the area’s small number of retirement age residents downsize to other properties.

House Style:

Classic Toronto architecture with a variety of detached, semi-detached and row houses and some great Condo Buildings.

What you Won't find:

We couldn’t find anything that isn’t accessible from this neighbourhood.

A little bit of history:

Founded in 1889, Moore Park is named after its developer, John Thomas Moore (1844-1917). Moore was a leader in the accounting profession and active in the Methodist church. Originally, Moore promoted the Moore Park area as a commuter community with access to Toronto by the Belt Line Railway, an early commuter railway service. Unfortunately, the railway did not work out. That event slowed the development of Moore Park for a period of time however, By the 1930s, Moore Park had been fully developed as a residential area. Today, the former Belt Line railway has been converted into a recreational area. Moore marketed Moore Park as a suburban destination for Toronto’s wealthy residents. That early design philosophy has carried through to the present day. The area is mainly made up of detached homes and has a high average income. Moore Park formally joined the City of Toronto in 1912.

Life Style:

Moore Park’s lifestyle reflects the area’s high income demographic. The local Moore Park Tennis Club operates five hard courts, refreshments to members and a clubhouse for members to dress, change and wash up. The tennis courts are open for public use from time to time. The Moore Park Residents’ Association speaks to the needs and concerns of local residents including submitting comments on local bylaws and city policies. Neighbourhood shops and points of interest include restaurants on Mount Pleasant, the Mount Pleasant Theatre (an independent cinema) and the Davisville GoodLife gym. Moore Park’s main drawback is the limited number of amenities and services within walking distance. The closest shopping areas of note are located at St Clair and Yonge and Yonge St and Eglinton.

Local Schools:

The Moore Park area is home to public, private and specialized schools. Elementary schools in the area include Deer Park Junior and Senior School and a Catholic school, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. A local private school, Greenwood College School, offers education from Grade 7 to 12. The Greenwood College School offers a variety of enrichment experiences including co-op placements, international travel and community service experiences. Academically, Greenwood College School offers Advanced Placement (AP), a great way to give your children excellent preparation for university.

The commute:

Commuting from the Moore Park area is best achieved by car. From Mount Pleasant and Moore, the estimated travel time to downtown Toronto is about fifteen minutes. Making the same trip by transit is a thirty-minute trip. TTC service in the area includes bus service to Yonge Street and Toronto’s subway system. The closest subway station is St Clair on the Yonge subway line. For longer trips out of the city, the Don Valley Parkway is a short drive from the neighbourhood.

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