St Lawrence (Old Town/st lawrence market) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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St Lawrence (Old Town/st lawrence market) Properties and Neighbourhood Guide

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St Lawrence (Old Town/st lawrence market) Neighbourhood Guide

Welcome to St Lawrence (Old Town/st lawrence market):

St. Lawrence neighbourhood (sometimes referred to as just St. Lawrence) is located in Downtown Toronto. It is ideal for professionals looking to be close to the city’s main action. The St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood is located between Queen Street to the north, the Gardiner Expressway to the south, Yonge Street to the west, and Parliament Street to the east.

The area began housing developments in the 1970s and has since become a neighbourhood with some of the most intriguing architecture in the city. It has also become a model for other cities across the country. Built around the actual market, the St. Lawrence Market, this neighbourhood has a lot to offer in way of entertainment and food. Theatre and history buffs and self-proclaimed foodies will feel right at home.

The commute:

Due to the neighbourhood’s excellent location, commuting is very convenient. By car, everything is within a 5 to 10-minute drive. By public transit, there are buses and several subway stations along the Line 1 Yonge-University such as King Station.

Union Station: not more than a 15-minute walk from St. Lawrence Market; 5 minutes by car; and a 10-minute bus ride.
Bloor-Yonge Station: 10 minutes by car; 7 minutes from King Station subway; and a 15-20 minute bike ride.

Local Schools:

Within the limits of the area, there aren’t too many schools. In fact, the only one in the actual neighbourhood is the Downtown Alternative School, for junior kindergarten to grade six. The school is known for their distinct approach to conflict resolution and the parent’s involvement in their children’s schooling.

Other schools in the vicinity include the Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School. Located on The Esplanade, this school is a 5-minute drive or a 10-minute walk. Along with regular schooling, it offers music lessons, cross-country running, and access to three playgrounds (including an enclosed area for grade three and under).

Contact Alternative School located on St Patrick Street is accessible by car (10 minutes) and by public transit (16 minutes). The school is steps away from St Patrick Station. This alternative secondary school focuses on social justice, community building, and personal responsibility.

Inglenook Community High School on Sackville Street is 5 minutes away by car and 15 minutes by foot. The school offers many advanced classes and encourages students to be highly involved in the community through volunteering.

House style:

A feature of the neighbourhood that draws many is the way the old meets the new. Amongst all the historical buildings, you’ll find modern condos, apartment buildings, and some townhouses built by some of Toronto’s leading architects.

Most homes in the St. Lawrence Market area have the recognizable trait of red bricks, giving the buildings a very homely vibe. Recently, housing has been heading towards the even more modern trend of glass and steel condos, like much of the rest of downtown.

Most homes are condominiums and apartments, but the occasional townhouse (or semi-detached) can be found. Living space is small, so don’t expect to raise a “Cheaper by the Dozen” family in one of these homes.

This area is a great place for families wanting to live downtown, but also for young professionals looking to be closer to work and the liveliness of the city.


Pricing in the area all depends on the location of the building. Condominium prices range from $700,000 to $750,000. Busier and more popular streets will naturally have higher priced homes. The range of housing options and pricing will make staying within your budget much easier.


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